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(The Boring Stuff!)

Please find below all the necessary forms that may be required before you can book your first veterinary physiotherapy consultation with The North Devon Vet Physio.

The Owner Consent Form is required by everyone who is wanting to book an appointment with The North Devon Vet Physio.

  • The owner consent form can be completed online

  • Or can be completed by downloading and returning the Owner Consent Form which can be found by clicking the link below:

                    Owner Consent Form Document Download

The Veterinary Referral Form is required by those who’s animals are currently under veterinary care for an injury, surgery or other conditions (e.g. Tendon Injury, TPLO Surgery or Osteoarthritis) or is receiving medication to manage pain relief or conditions such as osteoarthritis - If you are unsure whether you need a vet referral form, don’t hesitate to contact Jenny - The North Devon Vet Physio.

There are 2 methods as to which the veterinary referral form can be completed:

        1) You can direct your vet to the following online form or you can copy the link which can be sent to ​                    your veterinary practice/surgeon

        2) The vet referral form can be downloaded and sent via email to your veterinary practice/surgeon

                      Veterinary Referral Form Document Download 

With both methods, YOU (the client) MUST send an email or contact your veterinary practice or Veterinary Surgeon asking for the referral form to be completed - this is due to data protection methods, and allowing your vets to share the required information with Jenny - The North Devon Vet Physio

  • Originally, the Veterinary Surgery (Exemptions) Order (1962) states that: any physiotherapy treatment given to an animal by a musculoskeletal therapist must be under the direction (i.e. prescription) of a veterinary surgeon. As of November 2020, the CVS released new guidance in the form of Chapter 19 in the Code of Professional Conduct which outlined that musculoskeletal therapists would not have to seek veterinary referral for maintenance care. As such, veterinary referral will be only required from patients currently under the care of a veterinarian (e.g. had recent musculoskeletal surgery or on any medications) and not for maintenance treatments.

You can also find links to our Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy linked below.

By signing the Owner Consent Form, you (the client) are are agreeing to The North Devon Vet Physio’s terms and conditions and privacy policy.

Contact Form

Please complete the contact form to get in touch with Jenny - The North Devon Vet Physio

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Thank you for contacting The North Devon Vet Physio. Your patience whilst awaiting a reply is much appreciated.

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