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Veterinary Physiotherapy and INDIBA Radiofrequency is More Affordable than you may First Think!

A study undertaken in 2016, researched the barriers to the adoption of Veterinary Physiotherapy. The most common barrier to the adoption of veterinary physiotherapy was the cost, with 57.5% of respondents agreeing cost was the most prominent barrier to starting Physiotherapy with their animals.

At The North Devon Vet Physio, I aim to make Physiotherapy as affordable as possible for my clients, whilst being able to provide top quality services. Maintenance packages are available for all clients, particularly targeted for my equine clients. I have a variety of packages available for both equine, canine and other species, so you can choose what package best suits your needs!

I have several packages available (all can be found on my prices and location page) but the most popular ones are my “INDIBA Radiofrequency Maintenance“ Packages:

  • 5 session package - £290 – equating to a session once every 10 weeks (Approx) – although you can use them quicker of you want to - This package is great for those of you who enjoy hacking with your horses, along with competing in your local non-affiliated competitions

  • 10 session package – £570 – equating to a session once every 5 weeks (Approx) - This package is great for those of you who go competing regularly with your horses, whether that be at local affiliated shows, going out cross country or competing in shows and competitions across the county and country!

Regular physiotherapy sessions throughout the year can help to prevent injuries, by addressing any little niggles before they turn into bigger problems that may require veterinary attention and box rest.

These packages are also beneficial for horses and dogs with chronic conditions such as osteoarthritis or acute injuries such as superficial digital flexor tendon injuries. They allow for targeted Electrotherapy, INDIBA Radiofrequency and manual treatments to be applied to allow the best result for your animals, whether that be preventing the need for steroid injections or aiding soft tissue healing to prevent injury relapses, whilst also reducing the cost for the you!

If your animal is under veterinary “supervision” for either a chronic condition (e.g. Osteoarthritis) or an acute injury (e.g. Tendon Injury), veterinary physiotherapy treatments can often be covered by your insurance company, further reducing the cost of veterinary physiotherapy treatments for you!

*All insurance companies are different, so it’s always worth seeing what your insurance company will cover*

If you have any questions or would like to book an appointment, you can contact me on;



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