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Digitally Hand Drawn Anatomy Resources 

Jenny has taken the time to produce her own digitally hand drawn anatomy images to help current and future students learn!

Created & Designed by a Qualified Professional 

Jenny has a Level 6 Qualification - BSc (Hons) Veterinary Physiotherapy with 1st Class Honours meaning the digital products are atomically correct at the time of creation.

In-Depth Anatomy Bundles and Resources 

Don’t just pay for single pages, with these resources, you get several pages of detailed resources so you have all you need for your learning and revision!

Etsy Store Listings
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Work Experience & University Placements

For those of you who are interested in undertaking work experience or university placements with The North Devon Vet Physio, we are currently unable to provide these services due to the unevenness of client appointments at this present time.
This is something Jenny (The North Devon Vet Physio) is keen to provide in the future so if you are interested, please fill out our contact form and Jenny will let you know if there is any availability for a short placement or any clinics/events that may be occurring that you may want to attend.

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