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  About INDIBA Radiofrequency 

                                   35+ Years of Research                 448kHz Frequency               
                                 A New Era for Equine Performance & Rehabilitation

Bespoke Treatments

Every horse or pony will receive bespoke, tailored INDIBA treatments to suit them and their own needs and requirements

35+ Years of Scientific Research 

INDIBA has over 300 scientific papers published in leading journals. It’s effects are longer lasting than any other electrotherapy 



448kHz is the optimum frequency for biological effectiveness - both thermal and non-thermal effects can be induced

Closed Operation System

The closed operation system significantly increases the treatment penetration depth, enabling deeper structures (e.g. SI Joint & deep gluteals) to be reached

Pain Relief

Analgesic effects of INDIBA Radiofrequency are caused by altered signal transduction pathways.

Scientific studies have shown horses treated with INDIBA Radiofrequency experienced up to 95% reduction in lumbar back pain

Increased Muscle Flexibility 

The thermal effects of INDIBA Radiofrequencey’s resistive mode have been scientifically shown to significantly increase muscle flexibility and increase joint and spinal range of motion (ROM)

Improved Joint Health

The electric current generated significantly increases Sox5 and Sox6 transcription factor expression, which are responsible for cartilage formation, thus stimulating cartilaginous matrix formation

INDIBA Radiofrequency in Practice

The North Devon Vet Physio is delighted to be able to offer INDIBA Radiofrequency as part of the equine practice - A revolutionary device which provides advanced therapeutic benefits at a cellular level. Most importantly, INDIBA Radiofrequency is supported by peer-reviewed scientific research over the period of 35+ years in both the human and veterinary field as referenced through the information below.

INDIBA Radiofrequency activates the body’s natural healing mechanisms to regenerate and repair by cellular biostimulation (Hernandez-Bule et al., 2017), improvement of blood flow (Kumaran et al., 2017) and pain reduction (Kumaran & Watson, 2019)

INDIBA Radiofrequency is superior to other electrotherapies in the equine world for multiple reasons:
  • INDIBA can be used anywhere on the body
  • INDIBA can be used on acute and chronic injuries due to the device being able to apply treatment with or without heat
  • Does not require clipping of the hair and is not influenced by skin or coat colour or thickness
  • Provides non-invasive and drug-free pain management, cell stimulation, regeneration & recovery for enhanced healing and performance 
  • INDIBA can be used in conjunction with PRP and Stem cell injections
  • There is no withdrawal period and INDIBA is approved to be delivered at FEI competitions 
  • Horse owners and Vets have found there to be reduced or no need for joint injections after a cource of INDIBA Radiofrequency, removing the inherent risks of infection and decreased effectiveness of injections

What Conditions/Signs Indicate my Horse Could Benefit from INDIBA Radiofrequency?

INDIBA Radiofrequency takes the “whole-horse-approach” to an entirely new level - INDIBA Radiofrequency is able to treat a variety of conditions, injuries and tissue types, with some listed below:
There are many signs that could indicate your horse could benefit from INDIBA Radiofrequency, including (but not limited to):
  • Behavioural issues -e.g. napping, bucking, head shaking, excessive tail swishing, etc
  • ​Toe dragging, general stiffness and other changes in movement
  • Inability or reluctance to stand square
  • Poor transitions during ground and/or ridden work
  • Lack of topline or previous poor saddle fit
Various conditions that your horse could experience can also benefit from INDIBA Radiofrequency, including (but not limited to):
  • Soft tissue injuries - muscles, tendons or ligament injuries
  • Joint conditions - e.g. hock osteoarthritis, sacroiliac dysfunction, etc
  • Muscle recovery, tonicity/tightness and functionality 
  • Back soreness - muscular, skeletal (kissing spines), facet joint osteoarthritis, etc 
  • Wounds (acute or chronic)
  • Nerve injuries/neurological issues
  • Pre-surgical preparation 
  • Post-surgical rehabilitation
  • Muscle imbalances (possibly due to previously ill-fitting saddles)
  • Laminitis
  • Splint bone injuries 
*NB: INDIBA Radiofrequency treatments require access to electricity at your horses’ location (at home/livery yard, etc) either via mains electric or extension cable (extension cable can be provided)

How Does INDIBA Radiofrequency Work?

The INDIBA device produces non-ionizing radio waves. These are a part of the electromagnetic spectrum, electromagnetic waves are synchronised oscillations of electric and magnetic fields. The waves produced by the device are at a fixed frequency of 448kHz, this has been found to be the optimum frequency for biological effectiveness (Hernández-Bule et al., 2017).

The INDIBA device uses an electrode and a return plate, usually placed on the sternum. As the system is closed, deeper muscles and joints, such as the sacroiliac joint, can therefore be treated (Kumuran, Herbland, & Watson, 2017), impossible with other modalities. 

There are two different electrodes which can be used to provide optimum treatment. The insulated capacitive electrode has a biostimulatory effect but without any heating of the treated tissues, allowing for treatment of acute injuries where heat is contraindicated. The metal resistive electrode provides a heating effect in addition to a biostimulatory effect, increasing blood flow to treated tissues.

Biostimulatory Effects

  • Improves microcirculation allowing for an immediate drainage effect

  • Stimulation of cartilaginous matrix synthesis

  • Stimulation of tissue regeneration

  • Electrostimulatory action on stem cells 

Thermal Effects

  • Increased tissue temperature (diathermy)

  • Vasodilation of treated tissues and increased blood flow

  • Stimulates collagen and elastin synthesis 

  • Increases basal metabolism 

Why Choose INDIBA Radiofrequency?

INDIBA Radiofrequency stands as the pinnacle of equine electrotherapy, your trusted partner in enhancing your horse's health and performance. With a proven track record in the equestrian world, INDIBA's advanced technology delivers unparalleled results, promoting the well-being and vitality of your beloved equine companions.

Our therapy harnesses the power of radiofrequency to stimulate natural healing processes, reduce inflammation, and alleviate pain, making it an indispensable tool for maintaining your horse's peak condition. Whether you're an equestrian professional or a devoted horse owner, INDIBA Radiofrequency is the key to unlocking your horse's full potential.


Discover a transformative experience by booking a course with us today. You'll be joining a community of horse enthusiasts who have harnessed the advantages of INDIBA, witnessing the incredible improvements in their horses' performance and overall vitality.

Invest in your horse's health, happiness, and success by choosing the very best in equine electrotherapy. Experience the INDIBA difference and take the first step towards a stronger, healthier, and happier equine partner. Your horse deserves nothing but the best – choose INDIBA Radiofrequency.

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