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See what some of our current and previous clients have to say!

Hannah - Equine Client

“I booked Jenny to see my 16.3hh 11yo ex-racehorse who is fit and healthy but has a bit of pain in his SI joint and little niggles from his racing days. Jenny was calm, extremely professional and answered mu numerous questions whilst she quietly treated my horse.

Dessie, after the treatment (he had massage, INDIBA Radiofrequency and Laser Therapy) moved far freer than he had previously, he tracked up beautifully and his general grumpy demeanour had gone!

I am so pleased with Jenny’s work and treatment and she sent me an extremely detailed, top quality recap via email of what she had done and where on his body. No other physician has done that and it was an unexpected bonus, as my memory can be a bit patchy. Having a written record means I can track  his physical progress over the year(s).

I will defiantly use her regularly now as Dessie has an action packed 2023 ahead and once he settled into the treatment, he really relaxed, which was a joy to see. I expect the second treatment to be even better now he realises he feels so good.”

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