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EQUI-X Strength & Conditioning


700 Skeletal Muscles                    205 Bones                    350 Degree Vision

Improved Muscle Development

Enhance your horse’s overall muscle tone, promoting better posture and performance

Enhanced Endurance

Increases your horse’s stamina and ability to work longer without fatigue

Injury  Prevention

Reduces the risk of injuries by strengthening and enhancing proprioception and your horse’s muscles and joints

Better Athletic Performance

Enhances your hour’s speed, agility and overall athletic capabilities

Weight Management

Helps maintain a healthy weight, improving your horse’s overall well-being and longevity

What is the EQUI-X Method?

The EQUI-X Method includes various exercises which are used systematically to strengthen horses in the correct way and condition them properly for ridden work or a return to work after injury.
The EQUI-X Method can be used during rehabilitation after injury or can be integrated into your horse’s training programme to reduce the chances of injury and improve performance.

What Makes the EQUI-X Method Different?

The strength and conditioning exercises are relatively easy to carry out. Many people are know using them in rehabilitation or to help strengthen their horses.
But what is missing… What is missing is a method which helps to make decisions about what exercises to use and how to progress them in a particular way for the individual horse and circumstance.
It’s very important that a horse (or pony) is evaluated along the way, identifying their individual weaknesses and inaccuracies.
When it comes to training movement, whether in daily schooling or after injury, there is no one size fits all set if exercises. The exercises need to be carried out under expert supervision so they they improve your horse and not worsen their condition.
The EQUI-X Method comprises of a multitude of frameworks and exercises so that we can guide your horse through his own strength progression journey, with the support of INDIBA Radiofrequency where necessary.

What is an EQUI-X Strength and Conditioning Coach?

An EQUI-X Strength and Conditioning Veterinary Physiotherapist will work with you to identify where your horse has areas of weakness and/or movement imbalances ands guide you through a tailored programme which will help him develop in the correct way.

This will not only improve your horse’s ability to carry you, his way of going and performance, but will also reduce the chance of injury.

Using the EQUI-X Strength and Conditioning programme will help you develop a strong, flexible and happy horse!

If your horse is returning from an injury, the EQUI-X Strength and Conditioning programme will not just return your horse to his pre-injury condition, but will identify and help correct any other weaknesses or imbalances which may have contributed to his original injury to help reduce the chances of re-injury.

Within the EQUI-X Strength and Conditioning programme, INDIBA Radiofrequency will be utilised as necessary to support your horse throughout the EQUI-X Strength and Conditioning programme.

How Does the EQUI-X Strength & Conditioning Method Work?

Your EQUI-X Strength and Conditioning Veterinary Physiotherapist will carry out various assessments with your horse to identify areas of weakness and any movement irregularities. From there, your EQUI-X Veterinary Physiotherapist will then develop a tailored plan specifically for your horse.
Depending on your individual needs, you will have weekly/bi-weekly sessions with your EQUI-X Veterinary Physiotherapist for 6-12 weeks or more, where re-evaluations will be carried out and the next stage of the plan is developed.
Between sessions - The work is DOWN TO YOU!
The success of the EQUI-X Strength and Conditioning programme comes down to you. Between sessions it is essential that you follow the exercise plan set my your EQUI-X Veterinary Physiotherapist so that your horse can progress gradually and consistently.
There is no such thing as a “quick fix” when it comes to correcting exercises for horses, but with patience and commitment, it is possible to change your horses’ whole way of moving and give them the best possible chance of a happy, comfortable ridden life!

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